What people say about us.

"Team motivation and happiness, together with a strong sense of purpose are key for success in today's business. Understanding one's own and each others motivations is essential for achieving this and 23plusone is a very powerful and effective tool for this. 

Alexander and Kim provide a unique combination of understanding how organizations tick, what motivates them and what makes them successful. They really get that happy people make more successful business."

"Op 5 oktober hebben we een geweldige dag met de buitendienst mogen beleven. Met 70 mannen en een paar vrouwen, bijna allemaal 60+ers, het gaan hebben over geluk en geluksmomenten is mooi maar ook spannend.

Met de Emotome methodiek en de inbreng van de spreker ‘Jaap Bressers’ is er onder begeleiding van 4 trainers een fantastisch programma neergezet. 

Een programma dat veiligheid biedt, inzicht geeft en vooral positiviteit naar voren haalt. Ik zag medewerkers opfleuren en met een andere blik aan het einde van de dag de zaal verlaten. Missie geslaagd, zullen we maar zeggen. Ik beveel het programma van harte aan, zeker omdat ik iedereen zo’n geluksmoment gun."

"I highly recommend Emotome for any organization who is open to change, wants better results and performance and not only wishes their employees to be happy but the whole organization. This by using their unique success proven 23plusone formula. 

It was such a pleasure and fun to be working together with both Alexander and Kim. If you take your organization seriously (while having fun!) you really should hire them now!"

"Some years ago Alexander came to my office for a light lunch and happy session that followed. During the session we come to several conclusions which then again led to the introduction of several new products now contributing to more than 40% of total sales. 

The emotive method Alexander used (23plusone) led to a happier company with better results and indirectly it contributed to the revival of my company! So thanks Alle for making it possible and that I can still call myself a Proud Owner!"

"There’s no such thing as coincidence. In recent weeks I have been confronted 4 times with new initiatives that relate to happiness. Happiness on both a personal and business level as a necessity for succes.


Having worked with Alexander and Kim in the past, makes me feel sure that having them and their 23plusone tool will help you to understand how to realize this. It will make you a better and more successful person. Perhaps even happier!"

"We asked Kim and Alexander to create a workshop for our team’s away day; working in an international team, always in different time zones can create a lot of miscommunication. We needed to feel the love again for the team and the fantastic work we are doing. It was an amazing day; there was a giddy kind of expectation knowing we would get feedback on the sublime 23plusone tool we all used beforehand, even the most skeptical of members were won over. There is a correlation here with Dr Foster’s work: science and data can give you insightful feedback and on top of that it is fun. 

We got to know each other better and realized we all have things in common; it has transformed the way we work together. We are happier as a team and subsequently our output has improved. Every other week we do a sense check within the team of what we learned that day. Even if you think all is well within your team and organization having a scientific tool measuring where you can improve and how to do it is a wise and insightful move. You cannot take happiness for granted, it does only come your way and stays with you when you go out and get it, nurture it. We love Emotome and 23plusone!"

"The Emotome approach is meaningful by definition, because the growth of happiness is meaningful by definition. Claiming happiness as a central goal, above financial goals is therefor a very powerful paradigm.    

23plusone is a very elegant way to explore 'how to get there'. I hope that Emotome will contribute to many happy people, teams, companies and brands."