TUDelft Action Toolkit

We are proud that our trainee Marjolein Luijcks successfully passed her thesis about Emotome at the Technical University in Delft. Marjolein has been working for about a year on the conceptual design of Emotome. She helped conceptualising the program, ran various programs and interventions with our clients in The Netherlands, United Kingdom and Belgium, created the first prototype of our online happiness scan. Lastly she created a drive inspired action toolkit, which you can see here

Above all we are really pleased to have witnessed a transformation of Marjolein herself. By applying the principles of Emotome on herself, she now radiates happy and contagious energy. Marjolein, we thank you for all the great work you did and that we got to know you as a wonderful person. We wish you all the best in the rest of your professional life.

Alexander Koene
Kim Cramer